Open Well Submersible Pump

Open Well Submersible Pump

Open well Sub Mono have been very well accepted in the market and have been appreciated for its Aesthetic look. Wide range to suit a variety of requirements. Wide voltage band and suitability for operating at low voltages. Easy availability and Durability. Specially designed to withstand wide voltage fluctuations in 1 Phase as well as 3 Phase.

OPENWELL pumps are ideally suitable for open Wells, Tanks, River or Lake, where there is a wide fluctuation in water level. This works under water and it rests at bottom. Hence suction and priming problem do not arise. Pump's volute chamber is designed to give the best possible hydraulic efficiency. Dynamically balanced impeller offers vibration free operation with long life. Prime mover is rewindable, water - cooled motor. Specially designed water lubricated bearings are used to withstand axle thrust loads with minimum wear and tear. The stator is wound with special water proof synthetic film insulated copper winding wires.

Product features

»   Easy to install.
»   No Suction Problem.
»   Low Power Consumption.
»   Enhanced efficiency with all the advantages of mounting the prime mover and pumpintegrally on the same shaft.
»   The open well sub mono PUMP can be placed at the bottom of the well. This arrangementdoes not require suction pipe.
»   Water can also be drawn from a bore well which is bored at the bottom of the open well by
»   inserting a suction pipe into the bore well and providing a cooling tank arrangement to keep the PUMP submerged in water.


»   Agricultural / Irrigation
»   Drip Irrigation & Sprinkler schemes
»   Drinking water supply
»   Industrial water supply
»   Fountains
»   Fire fighting
»   Cooling water circulating systems

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