Monoblock Submersible Pump

Monoblock Submersible Pump

powered by a T.E.F.C. 2880 R.P.M., 50 Hz, 230 / 415 Volts in 1 / 3 phase, A.C. supply, squirrel cage induction motor of Insulation class 'A' / 'E' / 'B'. Usage of selected high grade materials results in high performance and low temperature rise. Ball Bearings & Dynamically Balanced Alluminium Die Casting Rotor ensure vibration-free operation. Air locking is prevented by centre delivery casing. Wide range to suit a variety of requirements. Wide voltage band and suitability for operating at low voltages. Rigorous quality control testing at every stage of manufacturing ensures higher efficiency.

Salient Features of Monoblock Pumps / Product features

»   EN-8 Shaft
»   Cast Iron Body
»   Alluminum Die Cast Rotor
»   Uni-casing no air lock problem.
»   Less operational and maintenance cost.
»   Easy to install and low operating cost.
»   Improved efficiency and minimal maintenance by having the set operated on a common Shaft.
»   Dynamically balanced rotors and impellers ensure vibration free performance and enhanced life.

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