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Located in Ahmedabad, India, a submersible pump manufacturing unit named “ SHITAL PUMP INDUSTRIES “ was established in the year 1989.

As one mother taking care of her son just born baby, same way rain also fulfill the thirst of earth. We are thankful to lord of this earth that he gives us opportunity be a part of this nature and do something for the son of earth.

It is really amazing what one company can lean from nature. An engineering company likes “ SHITAL PUMP INDUSTRIES “ imbibed so much. Infect the whole driving force behind our product, our people & our search for pioneering technology is: that if a tree has to be made strong the roots have to go deeper & deeper. Only then growth is possible. For water is not just water, it is very manifestation of life. The very breath & very heart beat of one existence. And what goes for nature goes for an industry as well.

Our company has laid great stress in designing & manufacturing to ensure repeated accuracies, close tolerance & perfect concentricity, guaranteeing a final product of high & consistent quality & unmatched durability.

What goes inside every pump is the result of years of relentless research by our R & D team. Beside the use of innovative materials like energy saving, light engineering plastics & extra efficient motor output. Our whole R & D team is continuously engaged in unfolding new development in mechanical hydraulics & electric design.

With the help of continuous feedback form market helped us recognizing potentials problem, variation in usage.

Growing from strength to strength our products are marketed all our country by a closed knit family of out dear dealers. In our company good quality & fixed policy is out main strength. Our tendency towards constant up gradation of existing technology & maintain high quality standards reaming a perennial obsession for everyone at "SHITAL PUMP INDUSTRIES"


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